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Lively Panel Discussion with Artists at Housatonic Museum of Art

BRIDGEPORT - On Thursday, March 23 the four artists featured in the Housatonic Museum of Art’s exhibit, Prints That Work: Printmaking in The Service of a Bigger Picture, shared their experiences as printmakers with a crowd of artists, students and art enthusiasts. Hosted by HCC Professor of Theater Arts Geoffrey Sheehan, this was the final event of the Department’s Inter-Act Program, which explored the theme: Crossing Boarders. Leslie Giuliani, who was the guest curator for the exhibit, led the discussion.

Printmaker John O’Donnell, who printed 250 individual boxes, and formed them into a large-scale installation in the exhibit said, “In high school I had an opportunity to take a printmaking class. I saw my drawing process reversed and repeated, and it was the first time I liked my work; the first time I felt that about my art.” Today, O’Donnell is an assistant professor of printmaking at UConn.

With a theme of crossing borders, the artists were asked what borders they had crossed in developing this exhibit. Neil Daigle-Orians taught himself how to use a jigsaw and combined things in ways he hadn’t before. Artist Kelsey Miller described her creative process of wanting to make something that hasn’t already been seen.

“One of the biggest surprises [in participating in this exhibit] was doing a drawing on the wall of the gallery,” said Miller who created a drawing of her memory of being at sea. “In my studio I have a chalkboard where I draw and erase as a way of loosening up. In the gallery, I created a memory of that experience. That drawing is a multiple for me because I’ve created it so many times.”

Roxanne Faber-Savage, whose work focuses on the conservation and protection of elephants, abandoned some of the traditional printmaking mediums for this show. “With printmaking there’s this repetitious extraordinary event. For this exhibit I had to think, ‘how can I create a larger story?’ Printmaking is only a part of my work – I wanted to explore that format.”

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Museum Lecture
HCC Professor of Theater Arts Geoffrey Sheehan, presents a panel discussion with the artists of the HMA exhibit: Prints That Work: printmaking in the service of a bigger picture. The lecture was the final event of the Department’s Inter-Act Program, which explored the theme: Crossing Boarders.

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