Blackboard Support for Faculty

Blackboard Support For Faculty

How to Create an Announcement on Blackboard?

  1. After logging in to Blackboard, click on the “Announcements” link in the course menu.
  2. Then, click on “Create Announcement."
  3. Create an Announcement
  4. After clicking on “Create Announcement,” fill in the “Subject” and “Message”.
  5. Select “Submit.”
Create an Announcement Directions

* Please check out this video to learn how to view your grades on myCommNet.

How to turn on SafeAssign?

  1. When creating an assignment, scroll down to the bottom of the page and expand “Submission Details”.
  2. Turning on SafeAlign
  3. Select “Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign.”
  4. Select “Submit.”

* Please check out this video to learn turn on/off the SafeAssign option on Blackboard.

How to Create/ Add an Existing Test on Blackboard?

  1. In your course shell, click on the “Course Content” link found in the course menu.
  2. Create a Test
  3. Use the drop down arrow for “Assessments,” and click on “Test.”
  4. You can either “Create” a new test or add an existing test.
  5. Following that, click on “Submit”

* Please check out this video to learn how to create/add an existing test on Blackboard.

How can I Copy My Course Over to the Next Semester?

  1. In the course menu, click on “Packages and Utilities” under Course Management.
  2. Then, click on “Course Copy.”
  3. Course Copy
  4. Next, you’ll have to select “Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.”
  5. In Destination ID, use the Browse button to find the CRN/course you’d like to copy over to next semester.
  6. Choose what you’d liked copy over.
    Note: Please keep in mind that if you do choose to copy over Announcements, please update the dates. Along with any other files, that may contain old dates.
  7. After selecting which course you’d like to copy, click “Submit.”

* Please check out this video to learn how to do a course copy on blackboard.

How do I Add a Syllabus on Blackboard?

Syllabus Menu
  1. Click on the “Syllabus” button on the course menu.
  2. Click on the Build Content button.
  3. Click on the File link.
  4. Adding A Syllabus
  5. Then, give the syllabus a “Name.”
  6. Naming A Syllabus
  7. Click on “Browse my computer” and attach your file (syllabus.)
  8. Finally, click “Submit.”
  9. After selecting which course you’d like to copy, click “Submit.”

* Please check out this video to learn how add a syllabus on blackboard.

How to Create a Rubric on Blackboard?

Please watch this video on Blackboard to learn how to create a rubric. See link below:

See photo below for an example of how a rubric should look like:

Create a Rubric

Please note: If interested, please contact us at 203-332-5206 or by email at and we can either create a rubric for you or we can assist you in creating a rubric for your course.

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