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Recommended Technologies



Need an interactive tool that will engage your audience? This tool allows you to use YouTube videos or upload your own videos, and then turn them into a lesson! You can add questions, add notes, or even pause the video and explain a concept in more detail before a student moves on.

This is the perfect tool for teachers that want a sense of what students know before jumping into a lesson, or to flip your classroom so that students can absorb difficult material at their own pace and spend class-time putting their new knowledge in to practice.

Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video

Would you like to create a quick video presentation? Give Adobe Spark video a try! You can add video, photo, icons, or text and record your voice over each of those. You can download the free app or access it through the web.

This is the perfect tool for teachers to create a short intro video, or can be assigned to your students for a video-based project or assignment!

Spark Page

Adobe Spark Page

Use Adobe Spark Page and create an awesome webpage by using free images, uploading videos from YouTube or other sources, adding text or captions, and so much more. You can create a scrolling website in minutes! Give it a try! It’s free!

This is the perfect tool for faculty to present a web-based lesson, or for students to create as a project in your class!

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere

Would you like feedback/responses in real time? With this app you can! Engage your students with live polling.

This is the perfect tool for teachers that want to encourage class participation. Some students are not comfortable with raising their hand or shouting out an answer. With Poll Everywhere they can submit their answers anonymously



Need an online app that allows you to host a meeting or a webinar with your students? WebEx is a free app that allows you to share documents, share your screen, and has a white board feature.

This is the perfect tool for online office hours, or for optional enrichment sessions in an online course.



Do you have an Apple device? Download this app and start taking notes. You choose what kind of paper you’d like to use. And, if you want to digitally handwrite or type your notes. Add cool images to your text, highlight notes, and so much more cool features available.

This is the perfect tool for teachers or students that are tired of carrying a notepad or a notebook to write notes. Access your work from any Apple device.



Do you have an Android device? Download this app and start taking notes. This app allows you to take notes and markup PDFs.

This is the perfect tool for teachers or students that need an app that allows them to create, review, mark up notes on whatever type of paper they choose. They can choose from blank, lined, math, music, sports, planners, and so much more. You can even share and present your notes!


Microsoft OneNote

Running late to a meeting and don't have a notepad? Try Microsoft OneNote that allows you to create notes either notes by typing, drawing, or writing. OneNote lets you organize and reuse your notes across all of your devices.

This is perfect tool for teachers or students that want to collaboration. They can either view your notes or edit them with your permission.


Microsoft Sway

Tired of not having enough options with Microsoft PowerPoint? Try Microsoft Sway! It's an application that allows you to create a modern presentation. With Microsoft Sway you can: add a panning photo, instead of a still image, emphasize words on a slide, scroll to the right to get through the story, rather than clicking on the next slide .


Microsoft Forms

Create surveys, quizzes, and polls by adding questions of your choice. With Forms you have the option to create surveys or quizzes that can have a variety of questions that have multiple answers, short, or long answers. Or you can create a poll that allows users to rate a question. Not enough? How about being able to see the number of responses or review answers in real time?


Microsoft Bookings

Do you require your students to meet with you for an office hour each semester? Or do you want to be systematic in your approach to scheduling meetings with your advisees? Use this Office 365 app to share your availability with others and let them know of your availability – without having all the email back-and-forth!

Capture Space

Kaltura CaptureSpace

Do you feel like a bit of you and your personality is missing in your online course? Do you want to be able to record a lesson during a snow day? Kaltura CaptureSpace allows you to record yourself by using your computer’s built-in camera and/or microphone, while also allowing you to record what is on your computer screen.

You can even ask your students to record their video introductions or record themselves explaining a concept as a more authentic assessment in your class.

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