Honors Program

Housatonic Community College Honors Program

About The Housatonic Community College Honors Program:

This rigorous program offers students opportunities to work closely with their professors and spend quality time with other honor students. Students will develop leadership, academic skills, and graduate as a ‘Housatonic Scholar’.

Eligibility criteria to join:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) = 3.50 or higher
  • Enrolled in a degree program at HCC
  • Enrolled full-time; 12 college-level credits or more (CRN# 100 or higher)

Benefits for joining this program:

  • Field trips.
  • Graduate as a “Housatonic Scholar”, the highest honor to earn as a student.
  • Be recognized at the college’s Awards Ceremony, and receive a medallion.
  • Graduate with your degree saying “Housatonic Scholar”.
  • Graduate with your HCC College Transcript showing ‘H’ for Honors level Courses.
  • Transfer Admissions Counselors seek scholars to enroll at their college or university.
  • Transfer Admissions Counselors seek honor students who are involved on campus. (honor programs, honor societies, student senate, student clubs)
  • This program provides honor students with the projects and community service they need to apply for scholarship awards, and grants.

Students who complete the entire program will be recognized as ‘Housatonic Scholars’. Housatonic Scholars who perform outstanding work in the Honors Program, have the opportunity to be awarded with the Elizabeth Lombardi Doane Prize (a cash award).

  1. Honors Seminar Course (HN 200): Research & class presentation skills
  2. Independent Study Course (HN 225): The course professor and you will decide what your independent study project will be.
  3. Two Honors ‘In-class’ Projects: Additional (extra) course work.
    1. Choose two of the courses you are enrolled in for the semester.
    2. Meet with each course professor to discuss and decide what your Honors project will be. The project should be in regards to your chosen career field.
    3. Examples of an Honors Project: Do research & write a research paper, read a book and write a paper.
    4. When the project is complete, you’ll receive an ‘H’ symbol for your course = ‘Honors’ level course. This will show on your HCC transcript.
  4. Community Service - One or more semesters, on or off campus. Community service can be of many kinds of community service. An example: Community Service linked with the research in the Honors Seminar course (HN 200).

How you apply to join:

  • You will need three forms: The Honors Program Application, Faculty Recommendation Form, and the Brief Information Sheet. To request these forms, please send an email to Kirk Hughes, Coordinator for the Honors program,
  • Complete the Honors Program Application. The application fee: $0.00.
  • Complete one Faculty Recommendation Form.
  • Complete the Brief Information Sheet.
  • Send all three forms (Application, faculty Recommendation & Brief information Sheet) to Kirk Hughes.
  • Send a copy of your HCC unofficial transcript. You can locate your transcript in DegreeWorks. Send the transcript to Kirk Hughes, .
  • Schedule a brief interview with Kirk Hughes, Coordinator for the Honors program:
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