Distance Learning

Distance Learning

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The Distance Learning Program is committed to providing quality courses through the use of innovative methods of delivery, not hindered by time or space. At Housatonic Community College we are devoted to providing a learner-centered atmosphere which empowers individuals to expand their educational goals.

Am I ready to take an Online course?

If you would like to determine if you are ready for a HCC Online course you can walk through our orientation module. There are a couple of self-assessments to determine how self-directed you are and if you have the computer skills needed to take an Online course. Our orientation module provides a guide for you in distance learning.

What kind of computer do I need? 

The following has been adopted as the minimum configuration standard for personal computers. With the constant changes in the industry, it is expected that this configuration will be updated.  Please visit the system requirements.

Students from Other Public Connecticut Community Colleges

Please contact the Admissions Department.

How do I register for a course?

Registering for a course is easy. Simply go to the HCC home page stop in for a visit and click the myCommNet button or (http://my.commnet.edu). The staff in the Registrar and Business Office will process the registration and take care of billing.

How do I get my books?

You order your books directly from the http://www.hctc.bkstr.com . The staff there will take and process your order and ship the books directly to you.You can also phone in your book order to 203-335-2949.

How does an Online course work?

While each course you take online will operate slightly differently, participation in online courses is primarily asynchronous and text-based, which means you can access the course(s) at any time from any place. Course(s) are designed to be communications intensive.The instructor will post the course outline, syllabus, reading and written assignments, quizzes and /or tests. You'll have courses textbooks and lecture notes, interact with faculty and other students, participate in discussions, and ask and answer questions from your computer at home or your office. 

How do I access my course(s)?

HCC online classes use Blackboard Learn online Course Management System (CMS). For directions how to login using myCommNet, please go to Login into myCommNet.

What if I need to talk to my instructor?

Your instructor can be contacted through his/her email address but you can also call and talk to your instructor at 203-332-5000, the operator will then forward your call to the correct extension. Your instructor may list contact hours or distance office hours in the course syllabus. If you have trouble reaching your instructor, please contact Colette Rossignol.

 What if I need to drop my course?

You will find the drop and withdrawal procedures, along with all other policies in our student handbook, located on the HCC web site. Any time you have any problems please contact Colette Rossignol.

How do I find out my final grade?

An official grade report of the final course grade will be available to myCommNet (http://my.commnet.edu).

Click Here for Minimum System Requirements.

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