Microsoft Office - Beginner (ONLINE)

Microsoft Office - Beginner (ONLINE)





Grow your business technology skills with training in the latest desktop version of Microsoft Office. Whether you’re a new user or someone that is looking for a refresher in Microsoft Office, this pnline beginner course will show you what’s new in Office 2016 while building your confidence in key Word, Excel and PowerPoint tools.


Students of this course will learn and understand the basics of folder and file management. Using Word, students will gain skills in creating resumes, business letters, reports and more. You will learn how to begin a spelling and grammar check, update document fonts, margins and tabs; create bullet points and numbered lists; and learn to search and replace text within a document. With PowerPoint students will learn how to create professional presentation slides that incorporate text, graphics, charts and tables. In Excel, you will discover how to work with spreadsheets learning to select cells and ranges, create formulas, change column widths and row heights; insert and delete rows and columns, format numbers, copy and move data.

Dates 06/15/20 - 07/08/20


  • Time of day: Evenings
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Hours: 20
  • Class Times: 5:30pm - 8:00pm
  • CRN: 2393
  • Tuition: $259
  • Instructor: Tamika Warner
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