"FESP supported me to be more motivated and confident in transferring to Southern Connecticut State University. FESP became my community and support system. It was hard transferring at first, but speaking with the FESP staff helped me to reach my goals and prevented me from giving up, because I truly was ready to drop everything. At my four-year school, the sense of community was lacking. The school was larger, and the people weren’t as supportive. It would be so great if there was a FESP on every campus. I didn’t know any resources that were available, and it was even the FESP staff that were able to seek out those resources from me all the way from HCC. FESP is like my family."

-Jessy Blanco, student at Southern Connecticut State University in Public Health

“Being a student of HCC and having the opportunity to be a participant of the FESP program is the best thing that happened in my schooling at HCC. The most life changing reason why I feel this way is because of my career coach. She has helped me with creating a professional resume and cover letter that has grabbed many interviewers’ attention and has guided me in the etiquette of interview skills. She also takes time out of her busy schedule to prepare me and give me practice interviews before the "main event." Most importantly, she treats me with respect and goes above and beyond my expectations: she listens, motivates, and encourages me to excel beyond what I ever thought I was capable of accomplishing.”

-Perla Campos, Business Administration student at HCC

“FESP has helped my college experience by helping me find stability.”

-Lucretia Gaines, current HCC student

“FESP is my anchor. This program has helped me realize my dreams and goals. It has motivated me to make my goals attainable.”

-Jenny Pham, accepted into UCONN’s engineering program for Fall 2017

“FESP is run by extraordinary people who advocate for us by supporting and encouraging us to complete our goals and strive for bigger goals. They supply us with the knowledge and finances to get to the other side of life’s hurdles. Our success is their success.”

-FESP Participant

“FESP to me is family. This program is my support system to finish school on the right track.”

-Iesha Brown, HCC Communications student

“FESP is important because they keep me motivated. When I am discouraged, I have someone I can reach out to. I am a single mother, and sometimes I just need to talk to someone. FESP is there for me. The financial support is also key to have helped me when I needed it most as I was just laid off work.”

- Arlene Abbass, HCC ’17 Graduate

“FESP has helped me figure out how to manage my time and money. They also help me keep my head on straight and focus on my goals. FESP is the reason I've stayed in school. With all their help, I've been able to continue my education and I'm very grateful for everything they offer.”

- FESP Participant

“FESP has helped me begin to achieve my financial and academic goals! They have helped me rebuild and establish my credit by coaching and providing me with the proper necessary resources.”

- Jackie Bernard, HCC Business Management student

“When I felt everything was going wrong and I couldn't do anything right, and I wanted to quit, my advisor said I was doing great and told me all the strong positive things she saw in me. She gave me just what I needed to keep going.

“FESP has also helped me financially by getting my car in a state that was safe to drive for my family, and to reliably get me to and from school when it was falling apart.”

- FESP Participant

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