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Directory starting with A

Abbe, Ronald

Professor Emeritus of Art

Academic Dean

Office: BH-287, Phone: 203-332-5085, Email:

Academic Support Center

Office: LH- B152, Phone: 203-332-5139, Email:

Accessibility Services

Office: LH- L115, Phone: 203-332-5018, Email:

Adams, Moira

Director of Grant Initiatives, , 203-332-8522, Office BH-285

Adams, Rebecca

Professor of English, , 203-332-8578, Office BH 228C


Office: LH- A205, Phone: 203-332-5080

Admissions Department

Office: Lafayette L111, Phone: 866-526-6008, Email:

Adomako-Ayisi, Kofi

Instructional Support Specialist (English), , 203-332-8503, Office LH-B151

Advising and Student Success Center

Office: LH- L112, Phone: 203-332-5097, Email:

Affirmative Action

Office: LH- A218, Phone: 203-332-5013, Email:

Albaz, Asher

Associate Professor of Accounting, , 203-332-5166, Office BH-351

Albrecht, Marilyn

Counselor/Title IX Investigator/Gender Equity Coordinator, , 203-332-8521, Office LH-B233

Alfano, Donald

Lecturer in Music,

Alicea, Xiomara

Office Assistant, , 203-332-5140, Office BH-116

Allen, Carolyn

Lecturer in English as a Second Language,

Almeida, Sara

Lecturer in Biology,

Alton, Douglas

Media Specialist, , 203-332-5077, Office BH-334

Alumni and Friends

Office: BH-341, Phone: 203-332-8507, Email:

AmEnde, Gregory Ryan

Lecturer in Advanced Manufacturing

Amico, Michael, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, , 203-332-5163, Office BH-256

Amodio, Barbara A.

Lecturer in Philosophy,

Anderheggen, Peter G.

Director Emeritus of Services for the Disabled

Anderson, Lizbeth

Lecturer in Art,

Anderson, Sheila

Professor Emerita of Developmental Math

Anderson, Sheila

Professor Emerita of Developmental Math,

Andre, Karina

Lecturer in Human Services,

Andreu, Juan

Lecturer in Art,

Anthony, Patricia J.

Lecturer in English,

Anzaldi, Linda

Secretary 2, , 203-332-5151, Office LH-L123

Aronson, Jennifer

Lecturer in English and Spanish,

Audia, Michelle

Lecturer in Developmental Studies, English,

Avant, Robin L.

Dean of Academic Affairs , , 203-332-5061, Office BH-278A

Achieving the Dream
Aspen Award
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