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Directory starting with B

Baehr, Audrey

Lecturer in Psychology,

Bailey, Durado

HR/Payroll Admin. Operations Asst., , Office LH-A218B

Bailey, William

Barnes, Sandra

Professor of Biology, , 203-332-5107, Office LH-B262

Batson, Anthony

Lecturer in History,

Battista, Leon

Lecturer in Business,

Bayusik, Linda

Director Emerita of Student Activities

Becker, Edward, - Chairperson of the Business Department

Professor of Business, , 203-332-5138, Office BH-345

Bedawi, Jiyan

Clerk Typist, , 203-332-5019, Office LH-B152

Begum, Ropa

Media Specialist, , 203-332-8590, Office LH A238

Bernard, Rayon

Financial Aid Assistant/EA, , 203-332-5125, Office LH-L111

Biga, Stanley

Manufacturing Lab Assistant, , 203-332-5975, Office LH-C179

Biondi, Dawn

Lecturer in Psychology,

Blackmon, Sharon

Transfer Enrollment Specialist, , 203-332-8592, Office LH-L113

Blomstrom, Nancy

Director Emerita of Library Services

Bloom, Eleanor J.

Professor of English, , 203-332-5269, Office BH-234

Blumstein, Angela

Accountant, , 203-332-5009, Office LH-L123

Bomely, Bruce

Assistant Director of Information Technology, , 203-332-5233, Office BH-124

Bodnar, Elaine

Director Emerita of Financial Aid


Office: BH-137 Bookstore Website

Bowe, Peter Stephen

Lecturer in Biology,

Boyd, Colleen

Lecturer in English as a Second Language,

Brennan, Christopher

Lecturer in Business,

Brenner, Thomas C.

Assistant Professor of Art and Graphics, , 203-332-5980, Office LH-L410

Brickett, Edward

Associate Accountant, , 203-332-5008, Office LH-L123

Bright, Medgine

Acting Director of Student Activities, , 203-332-5058 , Office BH-317

Brown, Adell

Interim Dean of Administrative Affairs, , 203-332-5015, Office LH-A211L

Brown, Angelique

Manufacturing Lab Assistant, , Office LH C-179

Brown, Brendan F.

Lecturer in Machine Technology

Brown, James

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Lecturer in Manufacturing Technology,

Bryk, Raymond

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Bullock, Michele

Lecturer in Psychology,

Bursar's Office

Office: LH- L113, Phone: 203-332-5008, Email:

Butler, Vanessa

Lecturer in Theater Arts

Byrd, China

Clerk Typist, , 203-332-5202, Office BH-277

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Aspen Award
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