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Directory starting with R

Rampino, Tatiana

Workforce Development and Continuing Education Coordinator, , 203-332-5084, Office BH-116F

Ratanavong, Susan

Success Coach, , 203-332-5212, Office L109

Ravanshad, Farshad

Associate Professor of Computer Science, , 203-332-5127, Office BH-350

Reddy, Indira, Ed.D, LPC, CT

Counselor, , 203-332-5039, Office LH-B232

Redmond, Kevin

Instructional Support Specialist (Math), , 203-332-8527, Office LH-B146


Office: LH- L113A, Phone: 203-332-5088

Rembetsy, Peter

Lecturer in Art,

Remy, Ronald

Part-Time Lecturer,

Richards, Barbara, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology, , 203-332-5164, Office BH-254

Rizzi, Richard

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5283, Office BH-215h

Robertson, Kelly

Lecturer in English & Philosphy

Roche, Maria Stiebel

Professor of English as a Second Language, , 203-332-5149, Office BH-216

Rochman, Joanne

Lecturer in English,

Rodriguez, Rebecca

Director of Recruitment and International Affairs / Part-Time Lecturer, , 203-332-5225, Office LH-L111G

Rogers, Donald W.

Lecturer in History,

Roland, Marie

Accountant, , 203-332-5010, Office LH-L123

Romanova, Emma

Instructor in English as a Second Language,

Rondinone, Tonya H., - Chairperson of the Behavioral/Social Sciences Department

Professor of Psychology, , 203-332-5174, Office BH-257

Rooney, Gary

Buildings & Grounds Lead Patrol Officer, , 203-332-5023, Office BH-110

Rose, Eddie

Associate Professor of Mathematics, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5117, Office BH-215a

Rossignol, Colette

Director of Educational Technology, , 203-332-5068, Office BH-270

Roti, Clifford C.

Professor Emeritus of English

Roti, Grant Clifford, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita of Latin,

Rowe, Larisa

Instructor of Biology & Microbiology, , 203-332-5106, Office LH-C299

Rumilly, Idil

Lecturer in First Year Studies,

Ruskin, Daniel B.

Lecturer in Business,

Russo, Kevin

Lecturer in Business,

Russo, Louis

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Ryan, Eugene

Lecturer in Accounting,

Ryder, Jr., Robert C.

Lecturer of Pre-Engineering, , 203-332-5158, Office LH-B263

Rydzik, Meghan

Financial Aid Assistant,

Achieving the Dream
Aspen Award
JED Campus