Business Administration Faculty

Business Administration

Albaz, Asher

Associate Professor of Accounting, , 203-332-5166, Office BH-351

Becker, Edward, - Chairperson of the Business Department

Professor of Business, , 203-332-5138, Office BH-345

Grossman, William

Professor of Computer Science, , 203-332-5121, Office BH-343

Mandel, Michael R.

Professor of Business, , 203-332-5119, Office BH-348

Meyrick, Charles

Assistant Professor of Business and Economics, , 203-332-5128, Office BH-350

Pasierb, Bernard

Instructor of Business Administration, , 203-332-5118, Office BH-340

Pirog, Pamela

Professor of Accounting - , , 203-332-5124, Office BH-347

Ravanshad, Farshad

Associate Professor of Computer Science, , 203-332-5127, Office BH-350

Vlahac, Mary Ann

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, , 203-332-5120, Office BH-351

Wagner, Thomas

Instructor of Computer Science, , 203-332-5968, Office BH-343

Zukowski, Robert

Instructor of Bus. Admin: Economics & Finance, , 203-332-5128, Office BH-340

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