Planning Student Events

Student Events @ HCC 

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Student Life organizes events throughout the year to enhance the academic and social experience of the students.

The Student Life office is located in Beacon Hall, room BH- 317.

Activities & Events

If You Want to Plan or Publicize an Event

Any event planned by a student or student club or organization should comply with the policies, procedures, and guidelines as set forth by the Student Life Office and the Dean of Students. Student clubs are required to consult their faculty/staff advisors in the planning process, submit the appropriate and required forms for planning and room reservations, and receive final approval from the Director of the Student Activities. Events that do not follow these policies, procedures, and guidelines will be ineligible for funding through the Student Senate and may be subject to cancellation. All publicity by any student or student club or organization should be submitted to the Student Life Office for approval prior to distribution or posting. For more information, contact the Director of Student Activities.

Scheduling Rooms for Activities

College areas may be used by any college club or organization for its activities. However, the limited number of rooms requires careful scheduling. To reserve a room, the individual in charge of the group should contact the Student Life Office (Beacon Hall BH317) or call 203-332-5094 to fill out the appropriate forms and obtain the necessary signatures. Areas are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Housatonic also has facilities for outside groups to rent. Groups not affiliated with the college who wish to use college facilities should call 203-332-5971 for information.

Kiosks and Bulletin Boards

Kiosks and bulletin boards announcing items of importance are located throughout the campus. Official notices and announcements of coming events and many student activities are posted.

Fliers, notices, or posters pertaining to events or activities planned by student clubs and organizations must be approved and stamped by the Director of Student Activities in BH-317 prior to posting. All unapproved student, club, or organization postings will be removed. If a student or outside contact wishes to post other materials unrelated to student activities or events, the materials must be approved through the Director of the Student Activities.

Inviting Speakers to Campus

Any student club or organization recognized and funded by the Student Senate may request use of college facilities for meetings or events that include invitations to outside speakers or performers. Student clubs and organizations must comply with the college’s Policy for Inviting Speakers to Campus, Appendix VIII in the college Policies section. The speaker and event must have the approval of the club membership and the club advisor, and the requesting club or organization must complete the required paperwork. Speaker-related events that do not comply with the campus speaker policy may be subject to cancellation. A copy of this policy is available in the policies section or from the Director of Student Activities or the Dean of Students Office.

Charging Admission

Student organizations may not charge admission to events without prior approval of the Dean of Students or Director of Student Activities. The determination of admission charges will be based upon: 1) the organization’s budget provided from the Student Activity Fund and 2) the projected cost of the event. It is expected that all events will provide social and cultural opportunities.

Using Housatonic’s Name

Only recognized student clubs and organizations may use the name, sponsorship and facilities of the college. Prior authorization is required.

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