Student Senate

Student Senate

The Student Senate is the leadership and government arm of the student body. It represents the entire student body on matters relating to the welfare of students. Its committees and the clubs/organizations which it charters, offer social, cultural, and awareness activities funded by student activity fees. Procedures for scheduling these activities are available from the Director of Student Activities and in the HCC College Policies section of the Catalog.

Becoming a Student Senator

A position on the Student Senate is ideal for students looking for careers or other lifelong participation within the political community or any field requiring leadership skills such as objectivity and good communication. 

A Student Senator must:

  • Be elected through a petition of students and approval of the majority of current senators
  • Meet basic standards pertaining to academic history and current enrollment
  • Make the commitment to attend meetings of the General Assembly, attend meetings of at least one standing committee, attend a 1-credit course in parliamentary procedures and dedicate time outside of meetings and class to ensuring that student life at Housatonic is seen, heard and successful. 

Student Senate Constitution Draft

For more information on becoming a Student Senator please visit the Student Life Office BH-317.


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